BALCA Tri-Lingual Newsletter Issue 1 Volume 2




Volume one was six incredible newsletters featuring many pioneers of the cannabis industry detailing their unique histories and sharing their knowledge. Our organization is proud to have consolidated those articles into an over 400-page anthology, “Connections Through Cannabis, History,

and Culture,” now found in dispensaries and bookstores in California and Mexico.


As we continue pushing the voices of our diverse community forward, we bring you a new collection of writings with Volume 2, Issue 1. These six original essays share themes that run from our roots into our future. They are stories rooted in wellness, cultivation, health, social equity, business, education, and advocacy, all within the framework of the cannabis plant.


Important topics, such as understanding medical cannabis practices from a budtender’s perspective, what autoflowers are from a regenerative cannabis indigenous perspective,

and developing medical cannabis practices from a nurse’s perspective, are all covered in this issue. BALCA strives to publish cutting-edge cannabis-related writings by professionals in the industry who are doing the work and dedicated to the medicine.


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