A Day in the Life of an Essential Worker


There are so many different types of patients walking into our dispensary. It is truly indescribable. Hundreds of individual humans served by a handful of walking cannabis encyclopedias known colloquially as “budtenders”. These budtenders were deemed essential workers during the Covid pandemic.

In the Works: Gente de Canna

Today, Leila is building upon all of these experiences as the founder of Gente de Canna, an education platform for Latino immigrants and an upcoming cannabis-infused sauce company. 

Latino through the Coronavirus

De acuerdo al Centro de Control de Enfermedades (CDC), el 38% de pacientes con Coronavirus son Latinos y solo contamos con el 18% de la población Estadounidense. 

Pero por qué nos afecta tanto? Sería que los Latinos contamos con trabajos esenciales como de restaurante, entrega de comida, limpiadores, tiendas, construccion, etc.

Latino in Cannabis: Meet BALCA

The Bay Area Latinos in Cannabis Alliance.

Latinos are an integral demographic for cannabis brands to ‘win’ and are a large part of the workforce that’s gonna build the industry from the ground up. Our vision for BALCA is multi-faceted…

Latino Stand for Black Lives Matter

Between 2016 and 2018, Latinos in California made up 39% of the population but represented 46% of deadly police shootings – the second most disproportionate behind the rates for Blacks.  New York Civil Liberties Union found that in 2011, more than 685,000 people had been stopped and frisked, most of them Black or Latino — and nearly 9 in 10 were innocent.

Member Spotlight: Jessie Alvarez

Jessica Alvarez grew up in San Francisco to Salvadoran parents. She is the COO at Joyus Recreation and Wellness Group, and at General Separations, in Oakland. With a range of projects that span from cultivation to retail, Jessie is quickly solidifying her place in the cannabis industry as a standout leader. 

Jessie is this month’s Member Spotlight.

The Journey to Equity in San Jose

My name is Daniel Montero, I have been working in the cannabis industry full time my entire adult life. I am the recipient of the 2016 Ganjier Award, serve as Chair for the San Jose Cannabis Equity Working Group, and am a founding member of the Bay Area Latino Cannabis Alliance.


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